Who am I?

I am Robin. I was born in a small town in Thuringia in the center of Germany in 1986. In 2005 I graduated from Highschool. In 2007 I finished my apprenticeship as a postman which has never been my dream job. After a couple of months of working I wanted to change something in my life and started studying Early Childhood Education in Erfurt. I finished studying in 2013 and wasn’t really sure whether I want to become a teacher or not. I think I wasn’t ready to start a real life, yet.

What next?

After checking my savings account balance I was sure that I would have enough money to do a work & travel in Australia so I immediately booked my flight and started something which should change my life forever. I’ve worked in several different fields, met awesome people and for the first time of my life I felt 100% free and independent. This was an absolute milestone of my life! Sadly, after 12 months, my time in Australia was finished but being a hard worker and “good with money” I have saved up enough money to continue traveling around the world.

Rio de Janeiro 2015 - The start of my journey through some South American countries (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

Rio de Janeiro 2015 - The start of my journey through some South American countries (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

Where did i go and how long did i travel For?

My first flight out of Australia took me to the Philippines where I met two of my closest friends Riccardo and Steve. Together we traveled for a bit more than 2 months visiting some of the most spectacular South East Asian countries including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. It was truly a memorable trip. After being away from home for 14 months it was time to go back to Germany to see my family and old friends again - WOW, it was amazing and a moment which I won’t forget for the rest of my life. After 3 weeks of being at home I realized that the travel bug bit me and I still got enough money to continue traveling (rather than spending it on a car or some unnecessary stuff. I then traveled to some of the most amazing places on earth and made unforgettable experiences - and also found the love of my life in the Philippines - which I can call my wife now. I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my twenties and made the most of these early years as a young adult.


How about Photography?

During that time I have developed my passion for photography and slowly upgraded my gear. Apparently, one takes a lot of images on a trip like that (must have been around 100k for me). I slowly upgraded my gear from a small digital camera with a 5$ tripod from one of the many Asian malls to a Sony Alpha 7R and a couple of lenses.

During a year of voluntary work in a Camphill Community in Scotland I have found out that landscape photography is my favorite field. I also enjoy taking images at night and travel shots (especially when they include my beautiful wife).

am i a full time landscape photographer?

Simple answer: NO. I work as a primary school teacher in the state of Saxony. I love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Don’t get me wrong, photography is awesome - but doing it full time and under pressure it wouldn’t be as enjoyable anymore, I suppose. Nevertheless I kind of like the competition that comes with photography and sharing images. I love to join contests and sometimes I am lucky enough to win a few of them. This somehow also keeps me motivated - I must admit I’ve always been a very competitive guy.

Awards and References

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Winner Blende 2018 in “Farbspiele” Category Thüringer Allgemeine

Winner “Grenzenlos by Photo&Adventure” Photo Contest

Winner “People Hiking Photo Contest" by Viewbug

Speaker at Photokina 2018: ‘Use of filters for Beginners’

Brand Ambassador partnership with Haida Filters

Published in the Daily Dozen of National Geographics Online Magazine 'Yourshot'

Winner of the 'People's Choice Award' in Viewbugs "The Colors of Spring" Photo Competition

Runner-Up in Viewbugs "It is Red" Photo Competition

Ranked #21 in Photo & Adventure "Friendship" Photo Competition

Several Publications in "Thüringer Allgemeine"

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Winner of the @Chip Foto-Video "Germany's Best Smartphone Photographer" Competition by Huawei Germany

Winner "#Calumetgallery" Landscape category by Calumet Photographic UK

First own exhibition "Scotland's Wild West" in Newton Dee's Community Hall in Scotland

Ranked #12 in Photo & Adventure "I am Free" Photo Competition

Finalist "Fernwehaward" Instagram Competition by Urlaubspiraten Germany

Runners up in the Outdoor Photography Magazine "Beauty of Winter" Competition

Milestone "5000 Likes" on Facebook

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Winner Youtube Contest "BFG" by Benjamin Jaworskyj

Winner "Lifestock" category in the Farmers Weekly Photo Competition

Winner "Christmas Competition" by Haida

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