What is it about photography that I am so passionate about?

It’s the many beautiful places in the world mixed with interesting culture and truly amazing people.

In 2013 I have decided to change my life – I packed a backpack and started to travel the world. I have purchased my first digital camera and started to publish small trip reports about the beautiful experiences I have made on my travels around South East Asia, Australia and South America.

During that time I have developed my passion for photography and slowly upgraded my gear. I have sold my small Panasonic Lumix and got a Sony A6000 which I have used for about a year on my travels around Malaysia, Nepal, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

During a year of voluntary work in a Camphill Community in Scotland I have found out that landscape photography is my favorite field. I am currently based in Germany, working as a primary school teacher.

With my photography I want to inspire people to go out and explore.


I am Robin.


31 years old.


Landscape Photographer & Primary School Teacher.


I love sunsets, mountains and the beach.